Susan Turner

Democratic Candidate for Borough Council, Ward 2

I have lived in Newtown Borough for six years and love this historic town. After living in many parts of the United States and abroad, my husband Doug and I chose Newtown as our forever home when I completed my 37 year career as a mechanical engineer and Vice President, Quality Assurance and Regulatory with a specialty chemical company. Now I’m launching a small business: The Green Frog Bakery.

Retaining the historic charm of Newtown, while supporting existing businesses and encouraging new ones, is Newtown’s biggest challenge. We also have issues with traffic and parking that need to be addressed. While making changes to traffic lights requires lengthy state involvement, simple changes like adding more left turn arrows and synchronizing traffic lights more effectively would yield immediate improvements. We need a beautification program to spruce up downtown and help businesses make needed improvements. We are a Tree City USA and, working with our Shade Tree Commission, I propose we seek public and private grants to plant new trees and maintain the trees we have. And to guide these and additional efforts, I want to join neighbors and Council members in developing a vision of what we want our town to be like in five years, 10 years, and 20 years. Community involvement is key to developing this vision. And once we have that common vision, I want to be part of developing a detailed comprehensive plan, a roadmap, to ensure it is achieved.

I have nearly 40 years of experience in industry with a proven track record of using consensus building and teamwork to achieve objectives. I have successfully managed large and small teams and have extensive experience in contract negotiation and management, working with others to find the best solutions to complex problems while maximizing efficiency and controlling costs. I will use all of these skills to work with the community and other Council members to achieve our shared vision

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